Jomira, from Ramiro Z:

May 26, 2006
It's hard to keep up with the newborns at our stud farm, but we give it a try. In the beginning of this month we had again two promising youngsters, both bay stallions. One from Darco, out of a Ramiro dam, and another from the sire Canturo, out of a Calvados dam. We already talked a lot about Darco and Canturo, so let's focus on Jomira, the Ramiro Z dam. She is the mother of Winston van Overis ( now seven ), sold at the 2002 Alken fall auction as most expensive horse for 36.000€. Winston is now in Berlin, Germany, ridden by Marc Wirths, performing well in " M " classes. The father of Marc is Jürgen Wirths, German dressage champion in 1999, and well known for a good eye for talent. Another foal from Jomira is the now 6 years old Camira Z, under the saddle of Jo Pay from Essex in the UK. In april this mare competed in the CSI of Hardelot, France, and had a second place in a 1.45m class. The pic: Winston van Overis, age 3.