Last 2006 foal from Takashi:

July 13, 2006
Yesterday evening our last 2006 foal was born. Sire was Takashi van Berkenbroeck ( Nonstop x Feinscnitt ), out of an Animo dam. In total 24 foals were born on our stud farm this year, and they are all in excellent health. Four of them have the famous and lately passed away Darco as sire. Darco, one of the most influential show jumping stallions of modern times, died recently, aged 26, after an accident in his stable. The Belgian-bred stallion was by Lugano Van La Roche came from a tough family of mares. His grand dam excelled in all disciplines, including three outings at the European Rural Riders Eventing Championships. Darco won his first World Cup qualifier at Olympia in 1988 and finished seventh at the Barcelona Olympics with Ludo Philippaerts. After retiring to stud, Darco sired more than 3,000 offspring. He was one of the best stallions in the world and he made the Belgian breeding industry. Another highlight in our breeding program is the presence of 3 Overis horses in the new Zangersheide Ranking. There is on number 23 Andante Z ( Atlantus Z x Darco ), on 35 Camira Z ( Carthago Z x Ramiro Z ) and on 49 Baloubet Z ( Baloubet de Rouet x Darco ). So we think 3 horses in the top-50 is a good result. The pic: Takashi van Berkenbroeck, from Nonstop, who off course is a son of Darco.