4 approved stallions this year

November 16, 2008
4 Stallions bred at our place are approved in different countries this year. * HANNIBAL VAN OVERIS Z (Heartbreaker x Perhaps), in partnership with Martin Walsh, approved for the Irish Sport Horse. * DALI VAN OVERIS (Darco x Nimmerdor), sold at Horse Auction Belgium '08 to Des Le Marquand, approved for the Scottish Sport Horse. * ARMANI VAN OVERIS Z (Air Jordan x Darco), sold at Horse Auction Belgium '08 to Dhr. Meynaerts, approved for the Zangersheide Studbook. * CANTIANOS (Canturo x Fier de Lui), sold as a foal to the Holsteiner Verband. Approved for the Holsteiner Studbook and sold at their auction to Dubai for 110.000. Picture: Cantianos at the Holsteiner grading.