The Overis stud farm is located in Peer, Belgium. Promising youngsters from the best performance bloodlines in warmblood breeding are growing up here every year.

In the fields surrounding the equestrian facilities, a large stock of foals, yearlings and two years old are enjoying grassland and freedom. The farm believes in the upbringing of the horses in the natural environment of open space and the social organisation of the herd.

Three years and a half old, the prospects start their training, and can be presented to the customer going well under the saddle and over light fences.

Professional riders can start to make a selection in the large assortment soon. Stud farm Overis is producing top-class jumpers and overall competition horses who's breeding put them at very high levels.

Who's who

Gerald Lenaerts is a well-known horse breeder and trader, who started and is still running his business in Peer, Belgium, together with his partner Sigrid Gielen.

Since there is a great demand for competition horses and also suitable horses for the amateur rider, Gerald breeds about 20 foals a year, with pedigrees in which the best bloodlines available in Europe can be found.

As a trader, whether you need a nice show-jumper or just a quality allrounder for a ride in the week-end, Gerald Lenaerts has the knowledge, the experience and the resources to find him for you.